R.I.P. Marcus “Fly” Henderson


Minneapolis artist Fly Henderson passed away 7/21/2012. Fly was a loved and respected member of the Twin Cities hip hop music scene. This video is in dedication of his life and passion for music. Rest In Power brother.

Big thanks to Ben Hughes Studios, 13twentythree Photography and Who Better TV for the additional footage.


  1. for ever ant enough we will always miss you fly. and you was right we will always remember your music.. i will like to take part of any project to pay my respects to fly

    6 yearss ago
  2. Bellz Reply

    R.i.p Fly &= Forever Aint Enough

    6 yearss ago
  3. man im so hurt brother , but ill never say goodbye to you, cause i know ill see you again <3 your always be my fav big brother ! rap in paradise Marcus " Fly " Henderson . 1992 – 2012

    6 yearss ago
  4. TaMeccaJones Reply

    I didn’t kno u personally, but ur music has helped me deal with a lot of hurt these las couple yrs an thru ur fam, bro an me ur music WILL LIVE ON. #R.I.HToAMNLegend

    6 yearss ago
  5. kaylaa Reply

    r.i.p FLY you will never be forgot </3

    6 yearss ago
  6. Amanda Reply

    I know u would have been great…. u had it sweetie… Ur dad would have been so proud of u…now u can rap 4 him in heaven… We love u

    6 yearss ago
  7. Mat,, Reply

    Fly you will be missed. its very sad you were takin, you had skill, very much needed skill that the game could have used. your music will live on. you my biggest influence, if only you could have lived on to show your full potential. Rest. In. Peace. :/

    6 yearss ago
  8. I just started listening to his music last night and I never knew him personally but honestly I can tell he was legit and I notice that we both have the same birthdays and that was shocking to me cause it was unbelievable cause I have been crying cause he will never make anymore music but Forever wasn’t enough cause he will forever be in my mind but If I knew him in real life then that would of made me happy but Rest in Peace Markus “Fly” Henderson. . .

    5 yearss ago
  9. I, been listen to you music for a while an its crazy how you just left so soon, I wish I could of got to know you better, but deep down I did through your music, I love you fly Rest In Peace, Live-Love-Fly <3

    5 yearss ago
  10. Robbie Reply

    you were my first ever favorite rapper. i will never forget your music it will always live on with me. Rest In Peace Fly.
    Way to soon..

    5 yearss ago
  11. Flyboy , man maybe a couple monthes later I would’ve seen you on my tv ? My radio ? My ipod ?
    So much talent such little time .

    5 yearss ago
  12. amica Reply

    omg , fly i remember when yu use to come over angies and y’all use to get shit cracking in the basement but me and nunu were never allowed to pass the doors , i loe u and rest in piece fly

    5 yearss ago
  13. James Reply

    &=live love fly he was a great man why did he have to go

    5 yearss ago

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