PH8 – Fate: the development of events beyond a person’s control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power

( &= ) is the sign of ( PH8-FATE ) the ( & ) being 2 paths the ( = ) being the end of the road. The meaning is no matter what path you take in life, you’ll end up on the road you were supposed to since the beginning, or a road parallel to it basically having the same outcome.


I (Fly Henderson) am the founder of this belief and I believe if more people follow my journey to the top through hard work and positivity with music they too can be inspired to do great things with what ever it is they do.

Loyalty x Love x Respect x knowledge x Understanding – all important keys in PH8

A lot of people sit around and focus on things that dont matter to the world allowing life to pass them by. When your living PH8 your focused on things that matter and what needs to be done for you to get to the top of what ever it is your best at.

Life is a course, the decisions you make determine how you get to the end. Look at life like a book, your life has been written before you could even write as far as the beginning & ending.

If you believe then congrats your “living PH8″ let it be known!

email livingph8@gmail with your twitter name and the city/state you currently live in to become an official memember and get a follow from “Fly Henderson” only follows TRUE friends&fans