Mixtape: “Cupids Last Shot” Hosted by DJ CapCom



The title might come off as another love story, but this project is the complete opposite. if your not a fan of money, girls, drugs, & fashion dont even download this one. Fly Henderson is none for his more hip hop feel but this rip he took it to the streets with his paper roll$ family (Rocky Diamonds, Tomorrow Genius, Tae Guapo ect) also featuring artist on their grind in other regions of America like Nikko Dator from LoVis Vegas rep & J-Knocka from BDM Miami rep. The beat section is a mixture of new original music and beats from old school classics like Outkast “Rosa Parks”. Although its more for the street Fly is known for coming with heat every project he releases and of course DJ CapCom wouldn’t put his stamp on anything un-official. Cupid ran out of arrows for Fly and decided to just rob him for his heart with a gun, and now Fly’s on one.




  1. MrParadise Reply

    R.I.P throw it down with god…

    6 yearss ago
  2. onlytheflyest Reply

    R.I.P gone to soon

    6 yearss ago
  3. Reach Reply

    rest in peace <3

    6 yearss ago

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