Marcus DuShéa Henderson son of Marshalla Terry, and Louis Henderson, was born in Gary, Indiana, and lived there for the first six years of his life. Marcus, also known as flyboy, would replay every song he heard on the radio until he knew the entire song word for word. His personal favorite was Jay-Z‘s hit “I Just Wanna Love U (Give It to Me)”. Marcus would also take some of the songs he remembered and make his very own funny version of the song and sing them to his older two siblings. He doesn’t remember the experience of living with both his mother and father together as they decided to part ways when he was only 6 years old. After the break up, his mother moved to Minnesota to find employment; while his father stayed in Chicago and lived the life of a drug dealer. Marcus would drive with his mom back to Chicago to spend the summers with his grandmother, his dad, and other family members. Although he enjoyed his grandmother, he loved being with his father more than anyone. To him, being with his dad was like being in another world; and it seemed that his dad gave him the world.

One summer Marcus was told by his dad’s sister and his grandmother that his father had been arrested and was in jail. Marcus was devastated at the news of his father’s imprisonment and he turned to music for healing. At the end of that summer Marcus came back to Minnesota only to learn that his mother was recently married and had moved into a new apartment in a new city with her husband. He found himself having to adjust to a new school; and having to make new friends. With all the changes going on in his life he found himself really missing his father; so instead of expressing his feeling to his mother; he decided to make her new husband the focus of his anger. Marcus began getting in trouble in school and couldn’t shake the sadness until he found music again and allowed it to keep him going.
His step father’s parents died a few years later and left a house in Gary, Indiana for his step-dad. While everyone was excited to move into the house, Marcus was more focused on being closer to his Chicago and Indiana family. His father was released from prison not long after Marcus moved to Indiana. Every chance Marcus got he spent time with his father; from hotels to family cookouts, it was all fun times. Marcus was glad to be living back home and with his father. In 2003 Marcus was 10 years old and still lived in Indiana with his mom and her husband, but he hated living with his step father. He continuously pleaded with his mother to allow him to move in with his dad in Chicago. After numerous protests, his mother finally gave in to his pleas and one of Marcus’s biggest dreams had come true – to live with his father.

Marcus knew that his dad was living life in the fast lane, but he didn’t care because every second he spent with his dad felt like heaven. It seemed like everything was finally working out. On the eve of Marcus’ birthday, his father called him to ask what he wanted for his birthday. Even though he was only ten years old, Marcus said that he wanted a hotel party, and his dad gleefully agreed to give him one. They both said I love you and hung up the phone.
He didn’t know that the phone call with his dad would be the last time he’d ever hear his father’s voice. The next morning on his birthday, Marcus found out that his father had passed away. Everything seemed to go down hill from there. Marcus began getting into all kinds of trouble. He didn’t go back to school that year, and would fight children in his neighborhood. Soon after his father’s passing, his mother decided to move back to Minnesota without her husband. Marcus became a class clown and his teachers worst enemy. His mother decided to send him to live with his grandmother in Hammond, Indiana when Marcus was in the 8th grade. His new teachers seen his potential but Marcus was still healing from the loss of his dad. Marcus’s uncle Mark stepped in to make sure that Marcus got back on the right track. Due to his uncle’s strict rules and discipline, Marcus’ grades improved, along with his behavior. Marcus moved back to Minnesota with his mother soon after he finished the 8th grade and continues to reside there. Although the memories of his father’s life and death are bitter sweet; and although he still feels the pain of living without his dad; he realizes that life goes on and so will he.